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“Design to Dwell” Consultation


What is stopping you from living your highest and best lifestyle in your home? 

Are you living in one of these scenarios?

  • I have a vacant room to fill, but do not know where to start!
  • My room is partially furnished and already looks out-of-date!
  • My room is fully furnished but still looks like it is missing something. 
  • I need some design help, but afraid of a big commitment! 
  • I have NEVER figured out how to arrange this room!
  • I'm rather good with design, but would love to take my design to the next level!
  • I need to know “where to splurge and when to save!”
  • I need a room refresh! 
  • I need help with interior paint selections!


In this two-hour, individualized design consultation we will get to the root of your design dilemma and address what is holding you back! This consultation will provide you with a design strategy to move you forward in creating the home lifestyle you desire.

Call me crazy OR call me generous, I never hold back any valuable design advice in my consultations! I want you to feel comfortable and confident in knowing that our time together is all about you receiving design direction and inspired solutions to allow you to create the home lifestyle you deserve!

 **service available nationally  


Whether you are looking for a furniture plan for a vacant room or an updated furniture plan for an outdated room, our E-design service produces functional, high-end, and creative design solutions created to compliment your lifestyle.  

Our E-design process begins with a few "homework" assignments for you.  These include filling out a questionnaire, taking room measurements and taking photographs of your room.

After receipt of your E-design homework, we will schedule an audio/video appointment to review and further define your personal goals for the room. 

Next, time for your deliverable!  Receive a visual interpretation of the room’s proposed design. Furniture, table lamps, rugs, artwork, and accessories will be presented for inspiration.   

Having a “big picture plan in your hand,” your investment budget and timeline to buy is totally within your control!


 **service available nationally